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What is SEO and Why Do You Need It

Every business, from the tiny mom and pop specialty stores located in Small Town, USA to the huge multi- billion dollar global conglomerates, share one thing in common – without customers they would not be in business for very long. This truth leads to a common problem; finding customers who need or want to purchase your goods or services instead of your competitors. The solution is advertising.

Simply put, advertising is a broad term used to describe all the ways that businesses use to help people (customers) find them. Some examples of “offline” advertising include word of mouth from satisfied customers; print advertising like billboards and flyers and commercial spots on television and radio. Unfortunately “offline” advertising practices just don’t work as well online.

Why a Tulsa SEO Compaign Can Help You!

The reason that “offline” advertising practices do not work as well online is pretty simple really, the internet is a vast parallel universe that we cannot enter physically. In other words, we can’t just get into our cars and drive over to that great shoe store we saw a billboard for or walk over to that cute little boutique. If we want to purchase goods or services from an online shop we have to find that shop. Sound easy? It’s not.  

Why SEO is So Important!

Did I say the internet was huge? Huge does not begin to cover it. In fact the internet is so big there really is no way for our minds to comprehend it, but everything in it is no further away then the nearest computer or smart phone. In other words, we literally carry trillions of businesses around in our pockets all day long. So how do your target customers find your particular business? Guide posts called search engines.

Search Engine to the Rescue

Although the internet has been around in some form since the 1950’s it wasn’t until the early 1990’s that it became big enough for users to need some way to catalog, organize and distribute data. Search engines like Excite, Yahoo, Bing and Google all came about as a way for people to easily find the particular goods, services and information that they needed. Just type what you need into the search bar of any search engine and up pops a list of websites related to your search. Sound easy? It is for the end user, but the search engines and the businesses that want to be found soon discovered a problem.

Remember when I said the internet is a vast place filled with trillions of individual websites? Unlike the local “Yellow Pages” search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo! Do not rank (display) websites in alphabetical order. Search engines have to sort through every single one of those trillions of websites in order to offer their end users the most relevant and authoritative choices for their search.

Your SEO Ranking Matters!

It is a proven fact that most people who use a search engine will only look at the first couple of pages of the search results to find what they need. Usually they will then click a result that is listed within the first 10 or so places. The trick is to make the search engines believe that your site should be listed somewhere on the first page of results, preferably somewhere within the top 10. Websites have to prove to the search engines that they deserve one of those top 10 slots because they are the most relevant place for the particular end user to find the goods, services or information they need. This brings us to SEO or search engine optimization.

You Need SEO to Compete in Tulsa!

Simply put, SEO or search engine optimization is the different strategies, tactics and techniques used to let the search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and others know that your website is the best place for the end user to find what they are looking for which in turn increases the number of visitors to your site and boosts your sales driving your ranking even higher.

Why Stronghold LLC

Superb website design, extensive programming experience and knowledge, SEO experienced and SEO friendly programming. Stronghold LLC has all the knowledge and experience that you need for a successful Internet campaign. Our staff has experience with all of the programming languages used on the web, from Microsoft platforms to open source such as PHP. Need a custom web application? We have staff experienced in gaming, massive database apps and business applications.