SEO is our flagship product. We have fine tuned our SEO product and only perform elements that are ethical and time tested. Stronghold, LLC performs full service SEO.

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Design matters, a compelling design says your company is professional and serious about what you do.  A well designed website allows a small company look big.

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The SEO Process

A couple of years ago, SEO or search engine optimization was pretty easy though a bit time consuming. All you needed to do to get the search engines to like your site was to use the right high ranking keywords and the search engine “spiders” would automatically assume your page/site was the authority on whatever your main keyword was. Ok, it was a little more complicated then that, but basically the right high ranking keywords used correctly were king. Things are a bit different these days. 

Although keywords are still pretty important overusing them today can get your website into trouble rather than ranked within the search engine’s top slots. That is because search engines like Google are changing the way they work. These days to get your website ranked in the top slots of search engines requires authority and popularity rather then the right keywords. 

In other words, if you want to rank high in the search engines you have to prove you are the best of the best with an easy to use site, high quality authoritative content and links that focus on your expertise placed in high quality places. Once you have all that in place then you have to get the word out. 

A solid SEO campaign begins with checking your site, including any videos or images to make sure that each page is:

  • Fully optimized for the most popular browsers and platforms
  • Easy to navigate with all of the links going where they should and 404 error handling protocols for those that don’t
  • Filled with high quality authoritative content including videos, images, linking and anchor text
  • That it does not have any overused or irrelevant keywords

Once your site has been checked we check your link profile and get rid of any that are “bad.” If you don’t have a link profile we will begin building one for you using high quality free and paid directories and digital press releases.

Then finally we will begin off page optimization by creating a social media profile using sites like FaceBook, Twitter and Linkedin as well as high quality blogs and community participation. 

At Stronghold we understand all of the new SEO tactics and take the time to work with you to set up an SEO process that works best for your company.  

Why Stronghold LLC

Superb website design, extensive programming experience and knowledge, SEO experienced and SEO friendly programming. Stronghold LLC has all the knowledge and experience that you need for a successful Internet campaign. Our staff has experience with all of the programming languages used on the web, from Microsoft platforms to open source such as PHP. Need a custom web application? We have staff experienced in gaming, massive database apps and business applications.