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Design matters, a compelling design says your company is professional and serious about what you do.  A well designed website allows a small company look big.

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Mobile Websites

Are you ready to “go mobile?” Still on the fence? At Stronghold LLC of Tulsa we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to make such an important decision and want to help. Read on to find out just a few of the many advantages of choosing a mobile website for your Tulsa company. These days you have to be completely blind not to notice the extreme upsurge in the use of mobile media. Just take a look around you the next time you’re in public and chances are you would be hard-pressed to find someone who is not using a smart phone or tablet. In fact, 17.4% of all global web traffic comes through mobile. In order to provide an optimal Internet experience to the rapidly growing base of mobile web users many businesses are choosing mobile website development to make sure that their site is optimized for the lowered bandwidth and smaller screen sizes of mobile devices. But, if the growing numbers of mobile users are not enough to convince you here are several other advantages worth considering.

User experience is improved

Because mobile websites are specifically designed for handheld devices like smart phones and tablets they do not have as many bandwidth heavy image files or content built into them. Because of this, mobile websites tend to load much faster on mobile media than any other type of site.

Better context and user engagement

Mobile website allows you to engage your users with mobile specific features including click to call, coupons and mapping. Mobile websites also allow for the use of location aware technology that helps users connect to your website when they are within the immediate geographic proximity. For instance, mobile users looking for a place to have lunch will often see the websites for businesses within a few blocks first.

Portability and connectivity

Since a mobile website can be accessed from anywhere at anytime via a cell phone or tablet it allows you, the website owner, to connect with your target audience in new and exciting ways. Cost Generally speaking a mobile websites costs much less to create than a responsive website. The reason for this is coding. A mobile website is a very simple straightforward platform while a responsive websites is a bit more complicated to create.

Integration with off-line media

Because mobile devices are unique in their ability to immediately bridge the gap between online and off-line media through the use of QR codes mobile website owners enjoy an advantage over those whose website is not optimized for the mobile web. QR codes can be added on to brochures, posters and even billboards to automatically direct consumers to your site for more information. At Stronghold LLC of Tulsa we know every business we work with is totally unique with unique needs, which is why we only offer a completely personalized approach to our designs. Our website design and development professionals take the time to understand you and your business and use that knowledge along with cutting edge technology to create a site that is not only perfect for you but embraces the best SEO practices so that it will rank high ensuring better marketability.

Why Stronghold LLC

Superb website design, extensive programming experience and knowledge, SEO experienced and SEO friendly programming. Stronghold LLC has all the knowledge and experience that you need for a successful Internet campaign. Our staff has experience with all of the programming languages used on the web, from Microsoft platforms to open source such as PHP. Need a custom web application? We have staff experienced in gaming, massive database apps and business applications.